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Philadelphia업체 Classic Cake의 한국시장 성공스토리
글쓴이 : 최고관… 날짜 : 2015-02-06 (금) 11:07 조회 : 4258

Classic Cake, a Philadelphia, PA based manufacturer of premium baked goods, recently engaged a new business partner in South Korea. “There is a strong learning curve. This is a new experience for me; we have not exported our products before,” said Chef Robert Bennett. Bennett worked with their new partner to adapt existing recipes to better fit the palette of the Korean consumer. Initially providing their traditional product with minor tweaks, Classic Cake is exploring new cheesecake flavors such as green tea and Korean sweet potato which they believe will provide an excellent opportunity to make new strides in the Korean market.

With their first shipment already delivered, and subsequent purchases in route, the privately branded cheesecakes are being distributed through various retail channels and the Korean partner’s new line of cafés. The coffee culture in Korea exploded over the last few years and with this comes an increased interest in desserts. “Koreans revere cheesecake and we are excited to provide this market with the most authentic version possible,” said Barry Kratchman, President of Classic Cake. “We believe that this new partnership will allow us to grow our employee base and contribute more to the Philadelphia region.”

Classic Cake utilized Food Export-Northeast’s Branded Program to help cement this relationship. The company benefited from a reimbursement of their new Korean packaging and in-store demonstrations are currently being planned with special incentives to their partner.



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